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Advisory Board of Directors

As part of the IEMTA and ILEMSA merger, the Illinois EMS Association is adopting an Advisory Board of Directors to help set the strategic vision and mission of the organization. This Advisory Board of Directors will take applications on an annual basis and help to drive the future of EMS in Illinois.

We encourage members to apply for this Advisory Board and be part of the voice for EMS in Illinois.

Advisory Board Member Profiles coming soon.

Current Advisory Board of Directors:

John Collins, EMT-P Chicago Fire Department

Tonya Minz, Director of Emergency Management, City of Minonk

Kevin Bernard, Director of Trauma & Emergency Operations, Ascension Healthcare

Charles Coe, EMT-I, White County Ambulance & Deaconess Illinois Ambulance

Tina Meadows, Transfer Supervisor, LeRoy Ambulance Service

Michael Weaver, EMT-P, Rochester Fire & Rescue

Association President/ Chief Executive Officer: Alan DeYoung, M.S.

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